Project title
Realization time
ES šalių švietimo sistemų efektyvumo ir našumo analizė naudojant antrinius didelės apimties duomenis (EFECTAS) 2018-22 Dr. Audronė Jakaitienė
LIEPA – Services controlled by the Lithuanian Speech http://www.raš , No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-12-K-01-001
Prof. Dr. Habil. L. Telksnys
Theoretical and Engineering Aspects of E-Service Technology Development and Application in High-Performance Computing Platforms , No. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-08-K-01-010
Prof. Dr. Habil. G. Dzemyda
Development of Internet portal of Integrated Lithuanian language and writing resources, products and services http://www.raš , No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-12-K-01-003/ LSS-580000-2197
Localisation of topical for the society software and development of needed software means http://www.raš , No. VP2-3.I-IVPK-12-K-01-004/ LSS-180000-642
Prof. Dr. V. Dagienė
E-Mentorius – Creation of a specialized solution designated for providing personalized pedagogical e-advice by applying adaptive semantics models of consecutively connected processes and personalized methods of semantic search. Agreement with LBSA (Intellect LT), Beneficiary: the JSC "Algoritmų Sistemos", No. VP2-1.3-ŪM-02-K-02-117
Science for business and society , Contract with LBSA (Inogeb LT-1), No. VP2-1.4-ŪM-03-K-01-019, (2009-11-02 - 2011-10-31)
Researcher V. Dagys,
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Education of capabilities of Lithuanian scientists in the process of Lithuania`s integration into the EU scientific infrastructure,
No. BPD2004-ESF-2.5.0-03-05/0038
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
InMaDra – Development of doctoral studies in informatics and mathematics , No. BPD2004-ESF-2.5.0-03-05/0027
Prof. Dr. S. Rutkauskas
`Science. Scientists. Society´
No. BPD2004-ESF-2.5.0-03-05/0040 ,
ESF/2004/2.5.0-03-291 (2006-2008):
- `Multimedia activity´ ,
- `Digest of Lithuanian computer programs´ ,
- `Terminology of ICT´ ,
- `Electronic mail - write messages in Lithuanian´
Prof. Dr. V. Dagienė,
Researcher V. Dagys

Development of the infrastructure of scientific research and doctoral studies at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, No. BPD2004-ERPF-1.5.0-12-05/0019

RAIN – Rural Area Information Technology Broadband Network , No. BPD2004-ERPF-3.3.0-03-04-005, S-224
Prof. Dr. Habil. L. Telksnys
RAIN2 – Preparation of the project Rural Area Information Technology Broadband Network: approach to the last milestone , No. BPD2004-ERPF-3.3.0-01-04-033
Prof. Dr. Habil. L. Telksnys
Preparation of documents for the project `Software localization´,
No. BPD2004-ERPF-3.3.0-01-04/0032
D. Vaišnienė
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